Beware of Natural Disasters


I know sometimes we want to believe that people who are in charge will do what is best for everyone.
People that is not always the case. People do what their bosses tell them to do. My mom used to tell me. Do not do as I do, but do as I say. This means you might see me doing the wrong thing because it is not convenient for me at the time but what I really need you to do is what I tell you too. This to me was such a poor example because if I am to look up to you. You should be doing the right thing no matter what. Our lives have come to doing what is convenient for me (I). I come before everyone else. Because I am the Sherriff, I can do whatever I want. Because, I Have been oppressed for hundreds of years I can do what I want. Because I am the dominant culture in society I can do what I want. Because I am the Mayor, the Judge, the lawyer or even the President. We are nothing but big immature children’s having temper tantrums which is only detrimental to our children because they are sitting back watching and will imitate us one day. There is only one person dominate in this entire world and that is God. He gives all of us the ability to carry out what ever jobs he has entrusted to us in this world. When are we going to wake up and step up to the plate and be the person GOD intended us to be? I see only one group of people and those are the people who went out into the water to help their neighbor. Those who prayed for the rains to stop or command them to cease. Does it take disasters to help us love one another? Surely, we all come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and some even different life styles.
But have you noticed that we all cry when we hurt, we all become depressed when we are oppressed, we all laugh the same way, and we all sing the same way. Yes, I know some are loud and off key but we sing the same. When we express love to those we care about we, do it the same way no matter which culture we come from. Yes, know there are some culture differences but that is what makes each one of us unique and beautiful. So, stop trying to make everyone be like you because they are not and never probably will be but you can accept the good in each individual and respect who they are no matter which background they come from.
Love has no color, ethnicity, or position. When love is expresses itself people are happy, smiling appreciative and thankful. We are human being with the spirit of God in each of our bodies that is how we are breathing each day. I do not think he would appreciate you demeaning his child or even himself.
He said when you have done something to the least of my people you have done it unto me. (Himself) think twice before you hurt one of Gods Children.

Disasters are a wakeup call when they are allowed. 1. Think for yourself. If your spirit is uneasy about staying somewhere when the media tell you a storm is coming. Get up and go in the opposite direction. Things can all ways be replaced, but your life can not. You can get another house, it might not be as gorgeous as the one you are in now but you are safe. Any material thing can be gotten again but your life is precious. 2. Respect the weather man that is what he does for a living. Yes, I know you are saying 50% of the time he is wrong but 50% of the time he is correct. Which 50% will it be for you?
3 Get out of the way of any storm when you are warned. It is better to be safe than sorry. Always keep money for emergency or a credit card. Have something in place.
There is a bigger storm coming than the one in Texas, Louisiana. The word of God tells me that people were surprised to see Jesus come back and ask the rocks and mountain to fall on them. My question when I read this was why? Do you know why? Because they had not been loving and kind to their neighbor. They had oppressed the poor, cheated them and neglect to help. They were about to meet their Maker who would now judge them. Get out of the way of this storm because it will crush you. This is Cathy reporting about Life eye news in my life.

My Life and the Marketing World

Guys over the last twenty years I have started at least 5 business. Why because this is supposed to be how Americans become free and financial independent.  Especially, if your family did not start off with a wealth of money before you were born. This is a bunch of mess all wrap up in a gift that is a crock of mess, with a beautiful exterior. I would like to think that people are honest and forth coming, only to be deceived with their bull. You see small businesses usually do not start out with a huge capital budget but with pennies or even no advertising budget at all. So, you have a great idea with no budget and all the sites and apps say they are free but all has a deceptive appearance of making money off you before you even get stared.

3 things you need to remember when someone say it is easy to do!

Have you ever asked someone if they thought you could to something and found out that it was more difficult then you expected? Well this is something

I experience this week.  I have been trying to decide if I wanted to open an online store. I decide to do it and low and behold they said it would be up in minutes.

It will take at least a week or two before you can upload all the product you might want to sell. If you have no internet experience it will take longer. So, don’t be surprise when you do not know how to follow the template that is on the website you are trying to build. There are many technical things in the background of your website you will have to do.

I decided to try Shopify. It was much better than most but there are many twist and turns you will have to do, but it is durable. I have not finished yet. But I went live this morning. I will do pages off line and when they are completed to my satisfaction, then I will make them live. Remember building a website takes time and patient on the part of the individual who is building it.

The three things to remember is what is easy to someone else. It may not be for you. We all have different interpretations about what is easy or hard.

2.When you are talking about building a website you will need some technical skills.

If it is nothing but knowing how to work with the software or template the website is using.

3. You will need lots of patient and endurance when following someone else instruction on how to build a website. Do not be discourage it is possible. I did it without knowing how. Check out this teen store. go

Did you ever think that the internet would be connected to every aspect of your life?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the internet is already connected to everything we do. I know you are saying in your mind, like what. I would say that you can now speak to a voice activated alarm system to check the house while you are at work, set the alarm, turn off the light in the family room. Check Johnny’s room to see if he is ok. You can do all of this from your cellular phone. Can you see everything connected? A message comes to your cell phone that say’s the air vent is clogged. You tell the air venting system in your home to do and automatic cleaning of the air ducts by voice activation while you are on your way home from the job. Thermostat reading for your home says 55 degrees and it is 25 degrees outside. You speak into your phone and tells it to increase temperature to 70 degrees by the time you are home. This is the future of our homes if we keep upgrading technology. We now have a smart house community in different part of the world. Everything in those homes are connected to the computer which is connected to the internet. These communities are called smart houses, because they have technology running every aspect of their personal lives, They also have people testing out these homes and cars around the globe, to improve their product and fix that which is faulty. Don’t be surprise if you hear the term internet of thing. This only means everything is connected to technology which is supposed to save time and money. Did you know that someone is planning your future, without your input? The idea of technology running our lives have been in the making for over 30 years. Let me give you an example. Do you remember when the TV was change from analogue to digital. Yes, now everyone has a digital television because the FCC government made it mandatory for each tv station, to go digital. Those homes who could not afford digital TV’s at the time. They were given a digital box for their analogue TV. What else is our government planning for you and me. So yes, in the next 30 years everything will be connected to some form of technology. The question is, Are you ready?


We have right now, smart self-driving cars, voice activated remote controls to change our channels on the TV, alarm and camera systems to monitor our homes. We take care of a lot of our bills online. We have several things left to be connected to our lives. I believe at some time in the future we will have all Public and Private education and Colleges online. We will at some point be able to connect to grocery stores and different shop and have things delivered to our homes. What an exciting life this will be. I have one problem with this because everything will be connected to the computer. We might have a problem with mass black out time with the electricity of all these things being inter-connected. The power grid will be loaded with every home in the community. Which means we will have to change our electrical infra structure to accommodate this much power.


Nevertheless, it is a powerful thing to have all these technical things inter connected in our lives, but it is essential that our electrical infra structure began changing now to accommodate these changes to our lives. Smart homes being run by the internet and you. It is coming faster than I can imagine, just take a look around, slowly we are being inundated with this technology system. It is amazing to see something that was predicted in the early seventy, now a reality. This is truly amazing to see. How far do you think we can inundate our lives with the internet. Give me some of your ideas about this. Looking forward to hearing your comments,

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Cryptocurrency sounds like something from another planet. I had the pleasure of discussing this with my 22 year old son who is majoring  in electronic engineering, a couple of weeks ago so, today I thought I might get the opinion of my blog readers. I was talking to my son about investing in Gold for the future and he brought up the subject of cryptocurrency and said he is investing this particular asset. I asked the question Why? It has no value to it. His answer to me,  it was at $500 when I first thought about in- vesting in it and now it is at $4300. He was talking about bitcoin digital currency. Then, I asked the question why would you invest in an asset that is not recognized by our government. He said, Because it will be the future currency of the world. How do you know this? He said, because this is the future of the world and Corporation, and CEO  leaders are inventing there on digital currency. So, I told him it was fools Gold and he should invest in gold bullion the real thing. Gold has been around for centuries and was not going anywhere.  I did some research on the internet and he was right Corporation leader are coming up with their own digital currency here is a list of the most recent coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Liticoin, Peercoin, and lithicoin and many more. There are exchanges on the internet where these coins can be traded.  I asked the question, What makes an asset valuable?  Is it valuable because it has some durability or because someone else is saying it is valuable or in demand?   Readers, I am asking you to leave your comments and views on this subject. This is another day in  my Life eye news.

Charlottesville Killings

Life is such a valuable gift God has given all of us. I think we need to respect it. Like my mom used to say. You can not create a life in and of itself, therefore you don’t have the right to take one. God is the creator of all men, therefore only he has the right to take a life. I live about 50 miles from Charlottesville, Virginia. The country in this area is beautiful with the greenery of countryside and the expanding of city life it is gorgeous. We as people need to look to God for guidance on our different opinions. God gives all of us choices and allow us to make decision even if they are contrary to his plan. This is true freedom of choice. Trying to silence someone who has opposing views is not the way to win them over and violence never solves any problems be it in society or at home. I think we all know this as a people. So, what is the answer to this dilemma?  Give me your comments below and lets see if we can come up with some solutions. This is Cathy at eye life news . Looking forward to reading your comment.

Life Event: Marriage

This summer my son, the youngest got engaged to his significant other. Love and marriage is a wonderful event, but lets talk about what things can make love go sour. Tom and Pat was the perfect couple, they did everything together and just seem to walk together in harmony until one day Pat wanted to buy a new dress and Tom had promise his buddy he would go on a fishing trip with them on the next boys night. Their saving account was low because the two had just graduated from college. They both had not secured a job yet, but they were full of encouragement and hope. Pat had been promise a job at the makeup counter at Macy and Tom had been working on a business deal that was about to go viral for him. “Voices were loud in their apartment and Pat ranned out of the room crying and yelling,” You are so self-centered. You think the world is centered around you and everything has to go your way. I will buy my dress even if I have to use the saving.”  How can this couple resolve their dilemma so both of them are happy?  Comments below are welcome