Beware of Natural Disasters


I know sometimes we want to believe that people who are in charge will do what is best for everyone.
People that is not always the case. People do what their bosses tell them to do. My mom used to tell me. Do not do as I do, but do as I say. This means you might see me doing the wrong thing because it is not convenient for me at the time but what I really need you to do is what I tell you too. This to me was such a poor example because if I am to look up to you. You should be doing the right thing no matter what. Our lives have come to doing what is convenient for me (I). I come before everyone else. Because I am the Sherriff, I can do whatever I want. Because, I Have been oppressed for hundreds of years I can do what I want. Because I am the dominant culture in society I can do what I want. Because I am the Mayor, the Judge, the lawyer or even the President. We are nothing but big immature children’s having temper tantrums which is only detrimental to our children because they are sitting back watching and will imitate us one day. There is only one person dominate in this entire world and that is God. He gives all of us the ability to carry out what ever jobs he has entrusted to us in this world. When are we going to wake up and step up to the plate and be the person GOD intended us to be? I see only one group of people and those are the people who went out into the water to help their neighbor. Those who prayed for the rains to stop or command them to cease. Does it take disasters to help us love one another? Surely, we all come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and some even different life styles.
But have you noticed that we all cry when we hurt, we all become depressed when we are oppressed, we all laugh the same way, and we all sing the same way. Yes, I know some are loud and off key but we sing the same. When we express love to those we care about we, do it the same way no matter which culture we come from. Yes, know there are some culture differences but that is what makes each one of us unique and beautiful. So, stop trying to make everyone be like you because they are not and never probably will be but you can accept the good in each individual and respect who they are no matter which background they come from.
Love has no color, ethnicity, or position. When love is expresses itself people are happy, smiling appreciative and thankful. We are human being with the spirit of God in each of our bodies that is how we are breathing each day. I do not think he would appreciate you demeaning his child or even himself.
He said when you have done something to the least of my people you have done it unto me. (Himself) think twice before you hurt one of Gods Children.

Disasters are a wakeup call when they are allowed. 1. Think for yourself. If your spirit is uneasy about staying somewhere when the media tell you a storm is coming. Get up and go in the opposite direction. Things can all ways be replaced, but your life can not. You can get another house, it might not be as gorgeous as the one you are in now but you are safe. Any material thing can be gotten again but your life is precious. 2. Respect the weather man that is what he does for a living. Yes, I know you are saying 50% of the time he is wrong but 50% of the time he is correct. Which 50% will it be for you?
3 Get out of the way of any storm when you are warned. It is better to be safe than sorry. Always keep money for emergency or a credit card. Have something in place.
There is a bigger storm coming than the one in Texas, Louisiana. The word of God tells me that people were surprised to see Jesus come back and ask the rocks and mountain to fall on them. My question when I read this was why? Do you know why? Because they had not been loving and kind to their neighbor. They had oppressed the poor, cheated them and neglect to help. They were about to meet their Maker who would now judge them. Get out of the way of this storm because it will crush you. This is Cathy reporting about Life eye news in my life.

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