3 things you need to remember when someone say it is easy to do!

Have you ever asked someone if they thought you could to something and found out that it was more difficult then you expected? Well this is something

I experience this week.  I have been trying to decide if I wanted to open an online store. I decide to do it and low and behold they said it would be up in minutes.

It will take at least a week or two before you can upload all the product you might want to sell. If you have no internet experience it will take longer. So, don’t be surprise when you do not know how to follow the template that is on the website you are trying to build. There are many technical things in the background of your website you will have to do.

I decided to try Shopify. It was much better than most but there are many twist and turns you will have to do, but it is durable. I have not finished yet. But I went live this morning. I will do pages off line and when they are completed to my satisfaction, then I will make them live. Remember building a website takes time and patient on the part of the individual who is building it.

The three things to remember is what is easy to someone else. It may not be for you. We all have different interpretations about what is easy or hard.

2.When you are talking about building a website you will need some technical skills.

If it is nothing but knowing how to work with the software or template the website is using.

3. You will need lots of patient and endurance when following someone else instruction on how to build a website. Do not be discourage it is possible. I did it without knowing how. Check out this teen store. go

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