Did you ever think that the internet would be connected to every aspect of your life?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the internet is already connected to everything we do. I know you are saying in your mind, like what. I would say that you can now speak to a voice activated alarm system to check the house while you are at work, set the alarm, turn off the light in the family room. Check Johnny’s room to see if he is ok. You can do all of this from your cellular phone. Can you see everything connected? A message comes to your cell phone that say’s the air vent is clogged. You tell the air venting system in your home to do and automatic cleaning of the air ducts by voice activation while you are on your way home from the job. Thermostat reading for your home says 55 degrees and it is 25 degrees outside. You speak into your phone and tells it to increase temperature to 70 degrees by the time you are home. This is the future of our homes if we keep upgrading technology. We now have a smart house community in different part of the world. Everything in those homes are connected to the computer which is connected to the internet. These communities are called smart houses, because they have technology running every aspect of their personal lives, They also have people testing out these homes and cars around the globe, to improve their product and fix that which is faulty. Don’t be surprise if you hear the term internet of thing. This only means everything is connected to technology which is supposed to save time and money. Did you know that someone is planning your future, without your input? The idea of technology running our lives have been in the making for over 30 years. Let me give you an example. Do you remember when the TV was change from analogue to digital. Yes, now everyone has a digital television because the FCC government made it mandatory for each tv station, to go digital. Those homes who could not afford digital TV’s at the time. They were given a digital box for their analogue TV. What else is our government planning for you and me. So yes, in the next 30 years everything will be connected to some form of technology. The question is, Are you ready?


We have right now, smart self-driving cars, voice activated remote controls to change our channels on the TV, alarm and camera systems to monitor our homes. We take care of a lot of our bills online. We have several things left to be connected to our lives. I believe at some time in the future we will have all Public and Private education and Colleges online. We will at some point be able to connect to grocery stores and different shop and have things delivered to our homes. What an exciting life this will be. I have one problem with this because everything will be connected to the computer. We might have a problem with mass black out time with the electricity of all these things being inter-connected. The power grid will be loaded with every home in the community. Which means we will have to change our electrical infra structure to accommodate this much power.


Nevertheless, it is a powerful thing to have all these technical things inter connected in our lives, but it is essential that our electrical infra structure began changing now to accommodate these changes to our lives. Smart homes being run by the internet and you. It is coming faster than I can imagine, just take a look around, slowly we are being inundated with this technology system. It is amazing to see something that was predicted in the early seventy, now a reality. This is truly amazing to see. How far do you think we can inundate our lives with the internet. Give me some of your ideas about this. Looking forward to hearing your comments,

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