Cryptocurrency sounds like something from another planet. I had the pleasure of discussing this with my 22 year old son who is majoring  in electronic engineering, a couple of weeks ago so, today I thought I might get the opinion of my blog readers. I was talking to my son about investing in Gold for the future and he brought up the subject of cryptocurrency and said he is investing this particular asset. I asked the question Why? It has no value to it. His answer to me,  it was at $500 when I first thought about in- vesting in it and now it is at $4300. He was talking about bitcoin digital currency. Then, I asked the question why would you invest in an asset that is not recognized by our government. He said, Because it will be the future currency of the world. How do you know this? He said, because this is the future of the world and Corporation, and CEO  leaders are inventing there on digital currency. So, I told him it was fools Gold and he should invest in gold bullion the real thing. Gold has been around for centuries and was not going anywhere.  I did some research on the internet and he was right Corporation leader are coming up with their own digital currency here is a list of the most recent coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Liticoin, Peercoin, and lithicoin and many more. There are exchanges on the internet where these coins can be traded.  I asked the question, What makes an asset valuable?  Is it valuable because it has some durability or because someone else is saying it is valuable or in demand?   Readers, I am asking you to leave your comments and views on this subject. This is another day in  my Life eye news.

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