Life Event: Marriage

This summer my son, the youngest got engaged to his significant other. Love and marriage is a wonderful event, but lets talk about what things can make love go sour. Tom and Pat was the perfect couple, they did everything together and just seem to walk together in harmony until one day Pat wanted to buy a new dress and Tom had promise his buddy he would go on a fishing trip with them on the next boys night. Their saving account was low because the two had just graduated from college. They both had not secured a job yet, but they were full of encouragement and hope. Pat had been promise a job at the makeup counter at Macy and Tom had been working on a business deal that was about to go viral for him. “Voices were loud in their apartment and Pat ranned out of the room crying and yelling,” You are so self-centered. You think the world is centered around you and everything has to go your way. I will buy my dress even if I have to use the saving.”  How can this couple resolve their dilemma so both of them are happy?  Comments below are welcome


One thought on “Life Event: Marriage

  1. I thought this was an interesting post. My comment is Before getting married you really need to make sure you are ready to be responsible for another person life and happiness. People sometime changes after marriage and this is not the other person fault but be aware this does happens sometimes and everyone has to be prepared for this. Does it means that person was not honest with you. There is no way you can be sure of that, but you can be aware of the potential that this might happen and respond accordingly. Life is ever changing for each of us, we all grow up at different times. What is good for your partner may not be good for you, Maybe you have not grown to that understanding yet, but keep on living and you will. Be happy and learn to respect your partners feeling.


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